The Vessel is Seaworthy

I will take any liberty I want with facts as long as I don’t trespass on the truth…We confuse facts with truth.  -Farley MowatIMG_8474

As we move forward with this blog I feel I should advise you, certain liberties will be taken with the truth.  It’s less of a lie and more of an… exaggeration.  What story would be exciting in a 100% truthful retelling I wonder?

This story will be less exciting in the retelling than our previous outing.  But we will forge ahead either way.

We set out this past weekend for a camping trip in George Washington National Forest.  We were sitting in Portsmouth ready to leave when we were hit with indecision, the weather in the forest looked iffy.  Looked like rain… also, there is still a hesitant feeling in us to just wing it in a forest.  We have had luck so far, but the idea of driving five hours and possibly not finding a place to park for the night can change the course of our adventure… We settled on a coin toss.

We have recently received some coins from our nomadic friend Adi.  Since then we have been using one coin to make our hard decisions for us.  It seems more rational and mature than actually thinking about consequences and all that nonsense.

Harp (heads) we go to Outer Banks, 1/2 shekel (tails) we go to the Forest.

Harps it is.

Prior to this neither of us had been to the outer banks.  So we set our sails and coasted down the 12 south.

This was an absolutely beautiful drive.  Going from the green tunnel of Virginias highways to the dunes of the Outer Banks on both sides.  Small towns with strange names, buildings on stilts, surf shops and beach bars.  The area reminds us of Key West… a Virginia Key West.

We were still having trouble finding a place to stay.  We thought we would be able to park along side the road, maybe in a neighborhood but as it turns out there aren’t many of those in the OBX.

We called a few campgrounds but they were commercial and about $90 a night… not exactly in our “close to free” range.  After getting some info from the kick-ass lady at the visitors center we settled on just driving straight through the OBX and looking on the way, as well as stopping at a brewery she suggested, the Weeping Radish.


After a quick bite and a brew we continued our journey south.  We arrived at Oregon Inlet Campground, took a quick tour, and were overall pretty happy.  By we, I mean me.  I was satisfied at this point just parking, popping a beer and watching the waves roll in.  My beautiful bride however, was not quite satisfied with “good enough”.  So, as we do in these situations, we consulted the coin.

Harps it is again, and again we head south.

We were truly winging it a this point.  About to go to a ferry that we had no idea if it would fit us, or if we would find camping when we arrived.  But off we went.  In fact, we were about 5 minutes into the ferry ride when the little Mama said “This is going to Ocracoke right” to me… which I promptly replied “uh dunno”.


Thankfully the ships crew were thinking for us.  We arrived in Ocracoke and promptly found ourselves a site at the campground for $28 a night.  As close to “free” as we were going to get.

The island was a blast.  Great beaches, best I’ve seen in VA.  Cool brewery that I wish I had taken pictures of, and wish I had brought a growler to fill with their “Brunch” brew.  The brewery is 1718, and if you are ever on the island I would encourage you to try it.


We spent the weekend walking on the beach, eating our fill, visiting the cool little village, and drinking the evenings away.  Truly a much needed (wanted) beach mini vacation…

Now we are back home plotting and planning our next excursion… but the next two weekends are booked with adventures.  So until then, aaaarrrghhdios… (haha, pirate humor)…


The great nomad has made his way to New York.  Everyone asks about him so we figured we would keep you updated as he makes his way through the 50 states.  I believe he is at 17 now!!!  More than a lot of US natives I know!  Truly an example that there is nothing but you keeping you from adventure!


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