Year Gone By

Time abides long enough for those who make use of it.

~Leonardo da Vinci



A year and a half…  It’s hard to believe that is all it has been since we were in Florida.  How time flies.

In the next couple weeks we will be updating the blog with our “adventures” from the past year.  From finishing the job in Panama City, to our summer in Spain, the road trip west and the building of Moms house, to of course what we are currently enduring.  It’ll take some time to get together all the pictures, and even more time to organize the memories.

Who knew it would take a pandemic to get me to sit down and organize all of this stuff.  This wonderful life we’re given… so much to do and so little time.  I will say it the same way I say it to the kids “You only get one shot at this life, don’t waste it”.

Here’s a little sneak peak of our last year.  Thanks to whoever is still reading, we love you all and can’t wait to see everyone on the other side of this current mess.

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