The Van




Our chosen mode of travel is in our sweet van!  We bought this beauty as a empty panel van.  It took us about a month to get her road ready, and another 8-9 months to iron out the kinks.

Things we have done (improvements?):

-Windows from super easy to install, took us about an hour for the first one and 30 minutes for the second.  A year later we have had no leaks and they haven’t flown out on us after all the rough riding!

-Solar power system-  I installed this basically from watching youtube videos and surfing blogs.  We have two 125 AH AGM batteries from, and everything else is from  The everything else is three 100 watt flexible panels, 40amp Commander MPPT charge controller, MT-50 monitor, a 500 watt inverter… wires and connectors…

-ARB 50 quart fridge/freezer-  This little mama is my best decision ever.  We had a dorm fridge in the van and I had based my solar needs around it.  Well after a few VERY hot days with little sun it turned out the dorm fridge ran my batteries very low, a couple times.  I decided it would be wiser to get a new fridge vs new batteries every year.  Last weekend (June 1st) was very hot and had almost no sun, cloud cover, and our ARB never drained the batteries below 12.6v.  Amazing.  I love this thing.

-Decor-  We have cedar panelling all around, a live edge hackberry counter with a telavera style sink from Mexico installed.  We have a double bed, regular old double bed, installed with storage below.

Now listen, I can work with tools and am familiar with rough carpentry but everything I did could be done by a complete amateur, mistakes included!!!  We have had a few hiccups but overall nothing crazy.  If I could change anything I would have bought a 4wd van.  Other than that, this little lady is our home on wheels and will be for a long time comin!!!


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